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From idea to implementing a new business opportunity

If you are interested in creating your own business or helping existing companies in their business development, then a bachelor's degree in Engineering, Innovation & Business is something for you.

You will gain the tools necessary to handle the entire innovation process so that you can develop and select ideas, design prototypes, understand and optimise the production process and implement your idea. You gain technical knowledge and skills in mechanical design, programming, and electronics so that you can contribute to the development and implementation of technical solutions that last far into the future. You will work with simulation, virtual reality and other technologies that can be included in the optimisation of, for example, the future’s smart factory or you create the next gadget or solution that can solve some of the challenges of the future that we face. There is a need for business engineers who can combine commercial knowledge with a technical understanding, so that value is created in the form of new products or new business models.

What will I learn?

During the first year, you will gain insight into the entire innovation process from the initial idea to its commercialisation. It's about developing new technical products, which over time can be the starting point for your new business.

You will gain several basic skills in these areas:

  • Mechanics, electronics, and programming
  • Creative methods, business development and business models
  • Management of technology and innovation proces innovation
  • Prototype development
  • Operations management and smart product development
  • Production optimization via simulation software
  • Project management and other practical methods

During the programme, you will build up basic engineering and social science skills, which include techniques and methods for developing ideas and business concepts that are possible to implement.

The teaching alternates between lectures, group teaching, practice lessons and project work. You will learn to work with different academic areas through doing teamwork.

Engineering, Innovation and Business is an interdisciplinary international programme that takes place in English.

How is the programme structured?

The programme consists of a combination of theoretical courses and practical project work. Each semester is based on a main theme, which becomes the basis for the semester's theory and project work.

The first semester focuses on the 3 main areas: technology, innovation, and business understanding. In the second semester, you will gain more specific knowledge about creative methods in order to produce new ideas and create various prototypes both physical and virtual. There will also be a focus on business understanding and understanding of how a company works. The third semester focuses on product- and process development. In your fourth semester, the focus is optimizing production systems as well as optimizing the whole supply chain. The fifth semester is all about interdisciplinary projects and project- and innovation management. You can also study this semester abroad. In the sixth semester, you write your bachelor project based on all your knowledge from the previous semesters.
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What can I become?

The bachelor's programme lasts three years, after which you have the opportunity the two-year master's programme to achieve a MSc in Engineering. In the master's programme, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the subject areas that interest you.
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Guaranteed first job

As an engineering student at SDU Sønderborg, you are guaranteed your first job when you finish your MSc of Engineering studies.
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Can I continue my studies?

The bachelor's programme lasts three years, after which you take the two-year master's programme to achieve a MSc in Engineering. In the master's programme, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the subject areas that interest you.
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That is why you should study...

  • You are guaranteed your first job once you have completed the master's program
  • You get an interdisciplinary, international education
  • You learn to implement your good ideas and bring them to life
  • You combine technical knowledge with creativity, business understanding and entrepreneurship

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