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Structure of the programme

The organisation of the programme

1. First semester of the programme in Sports and Health

The first semester is common for all students and consists of a series of common modules. After the first semester, the programme consists of both common subjects and subjects from the chosen line of study.

Through choice of line of study, choice of elective subjects and/or Master's degree programme, you have the opportunity to create your own unique profile. You can also make use of the programme's great opportunities to spend time studying abroad. 

The year is divided into four periods (quarters) with practical and theoretical instruction within each module. Each quarter consists of eight weeks of instruction and a week of testing. 

2. Second semester (specialisation)

In the second semester of the Bachelor's degree programme, you start specialisation within one of the three lines of study:

  • Movement and Teaching
  • Physical Activity, Exercise and Health
  • Sports, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
The "Movement and Teaching" line of study

If you choose "Movement and Teaching", you will be able to work within teaching in upper secondary school and in other youth programmes, at colleges and similar educational institutions after finishing your Master's degree.

You can also work with organising or being involved in courses related to movement and teaching e.g. in folk high schools.

Finally, you will be able to work with initiating and organising activities connected to e.g. sports clubs or various forms of active holidays.

The "Physical Activity, Exercise and Health" line of study

If you choose "Physical Activity, Exercise and Health", you will be able to work with exercise and health and promoting health throughout the course of life from childhood, youth and working life to old age after finishing your Master's degree.

For example, this could be working in the municipality's prevention centre, with health promotion in private companies, workplaces or schools, in the fitness industry or as a personal trainer. 

The "Sports, Innovation and Entrepreneurship" line of study

If you choose "Sports, Innovation and Entrepreneurship", you will be able to work with facilitating, designing and conducting your own activities, working with movement innovation in organisations or reimagining e-learning in schools after finishing your Master's degree.

This could also be working with movement development in the area of eldercare (health, monitoring and well-being) and working as a health innovator in companies. 

3. Third year

The 3rd year of the study programme consists of an elective subject of 45 ECTS and a Bachelor's project of 15 ECTS. 

The elective subject can be:

  • a sports-related elective subject - e.g. an elective subject in Project Management in Sports and Health
  • an elective subject within the upper secondary course package - e.g. Danish, biology, health - if you want to be an upper secondary teacher
  • an elective subject in an entirely different area that you are interested in and can develop your professional skills

In the programme regulations, you will find more details in base year, line of study, subjects etc.

All the lines of study are open up many different job opportunities after graduation. See all sports facilities in the study programme.  (Only available in Danish)