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Student life

Active study environment in Sports and Health

In the programme, not only will you be close to your fellow students, you will also have good contact with the instructors in the course of study and access to sports facilities beyond the ordinary.

For example, we have an award-winning athletics stadium that challenges the traditional perception of what a stadium is and should be used for.

The programme is closely affiliated with an active and strong research environment that in 2018 was named the 6th best sports research institute in the world according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities. 

Study abroad

During the programme, it is possible to take a study period abroad. The University of Southern Denmark has connections with a wide number of universities in Europe where you can search through e.g. the EU's programmes or stipends for individually arranged trips.

If you choose to study at a foreign university, you should remember to plan well in advance with your counsellor and apply to the board of studies for pre-approval. 

Sports and Health participates in coorporation with a number of partner institutions in joint Nordic and European programmes. 

You can read more about studying abroad on the pages for current students. (Only available in Danish)