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Contact and career guidance

Degree programme secretaries

If you have any questions about the individual modules, problems with information on E-learn, questions about examination schedules and re-examinations, you can contact our degree programme secretaries. 

Degree Programme Secretary Ulla Rytter
Phone: 6550 3490

Study Coordinator

I you have any questions related to formal guidelines concerning applications to the board of studies, including dispensation, credit and examination appeals, you can contact:

Study Coordinator Susanne Nicolaisen:
Phone: 6550 2975

Head of studies

For general questions about the programme, you can contact:

Head of Studies Annemari Munk Svendsen
Phone: 6550 4830, 2114 4785

Vice Head of Studies Thomas Bredahl
Phone: 6550 4895, 2498 4180

Academic advisers

The academic advisers are themselves students of the programme and therefore have a good knowledge of the programme's regulations, course descriptions and proceedings. 

Do you have questions about the course of study, study plans, questions about applications to the board of studies or studying abroad? If so, contact the academic advisers

E-mail: fagligvejleder_idræ

Application for enrolment 

If you have questions about enrolment at SDU, you are welcome to contact Enrolment.