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A study programme in movement

Sports and Health is a study programme in and of movement. Our Bachelor’s degree programme is the only sports education in Denmark that allows you to choose a clear specialisation already from your first year of study. You can choose between three specialisations: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Movement and Teaching or Physical Activity, Exercise and Health. The specialisation equips you for the job market and gives you the opportunity to build competences within the area you are passionate about.

In the third year of the programme, you can choose to continue with sports or start an elective subject aimed at upper secondary education if you want to become an upper secondary school teacher. It is also possible to study abroad, and we have exciting partner universities all over the world.
Do you want to work with education, health, innovation, sports or culture? The choice is entirely up to you. With Sports and Health, you can get jobs in the social and health sector, the culture and leisure sector, in youth education, sports colleges and sports academies as well as interest groups and sports organisations. There are many possibilities, and you can specialise in what interests you most.


Why study Sports and Health?

  • You will get an education focusing on people.
  • You will have the opportunity to choose between three customised degree programmes.
  • At Sports and Health, you will be part of an active study environment that is characterised by great professionalism and informal student networks.
  • Sports and Health has the best sports facilities, which include squash courts, jumping hall, swimming pool and athletics stadium.