Sports and Health (Bachelor)

  • This Programme is taught in Danish
  • This Programme is offered in Odense

Introduction to the programme

A study in movement

Sports and Health is a study in and of movement. Our Bachelor's degree programme is the only sports programme in Denmark that gives you the opportunity to choose a clear and comprehensive specialisation from the very first year of study. You can choose from: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Movement and Teaching or Physical activity, Exercise and Health. It prepares you for the job market and gives you the opportunity to build skills in the are you are passionate about. 

The organisation of the education programme 

The first semester is common to all students and consists of a series of common modules and interdisciplinary modules. After the first semester, you choose from three lines of study: Movement and Teaching, Physical Activity, Exercise and Health or Sports, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Through choice of line of study, choice of elective subjects and/or Master's degree programme, you have the opportunity to create your own unique profile (see more about the programme's individual parts under The organisation of the education programme). You can also make use of the programme's great opportunities to spend time studying abroad. 

Master's degree programme in Sports and Health

After the Bachelor's degree programme, you can take a two-year Master's degree programme in Sports and Health, where you specialise further. 

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