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Entrance examination for Global Business Relationships

What is uniTEST?

uniTEST is a test of your general prerequisites for completing a university education. It is a multiple-choice test that consists of 95 questions and lasts 2½ hours.

uniTEST is online from April 5 - 20.

Test content

The test is about your ability to think about and answer questions where all the necessary information is available. So you are not tested on fingertip knowledge or  your qualifications within specific subject areas.

Instead, you will be asked questions to uncover your ability to:

  • analyse, argue and make decisions (critical thinking)
  • solve problems based on general quantitative information such as numbers, spreadsheets and graphs (quantitative thinking)
  • understand a text as well as the social and cultural contexts it is an expression of (linguistic thinking)

Information for participants in uniTEST 2024

How we evaluate your test score

You can achieve a test score between 0 and 100. To pass you need a minimum of 35. 

Passing the test means that you are in the pool of applicants with a possibility for admission. Admission may require a higher score depending on the number of applicants and how these perform.

For this programme, however, you are guaranteed admission with a minimum score of 55 points.

Weighting of the question categories

When your test score is calculated, the weighting of the three categories depends on the programme you apply for. If you apply for more than one programme, you may therefore achieve different scores related to each of the programmes.

For this programme the three question categories have an equal weighting

Last Updated 09.02.2024