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How to apply for a Bachelor's programme

An  application to a Bachelor's programme, at University of Southern Denmark, must meet certain formal requirements.

To make this process as transparent and easy as possible, you can follow the guideline beneath. 

All applicants for Danish Universities can apply online via the national application system

Besides the application, you have to upload all relevant documents to your application on

The system opens on 1 February. Application deadline is 15 March, noon 

Follow these 7 steps when applying:

1. Enter the national application system: Coordinated Enrolment System (KOT)

2. Use your Danish NemID to apply. If you do not have a Danish NemID, read the file 'Applicants withouth a Danish CPR number applying for Higher Education' thoroughly - you can find it on

3. Fill in the application form.

4. State:

  • your name, contact information, Danish civil registration number (if you do not have one already, it will automatically be created once you have typed  your name, surname and birthday)
  • if you choose to start your studies in summer (September) or winter (February) - only applies to Medicine and Clinical Biomechanics  
  • if you want to apply for a stand by programme spot 
  • if you want to apply for exemption 
  • if you previously have been enrolled in a Bachelor's programme (yes: add a transcript stating the ECTS you have obtained and state if you are still enrolled in the programme) 
  • if you submit further documents after 15 March (e.g. your diploma, supplementary courses, English language test result)

5. Attach relevant documents/enclosures - check under entry requirements what to add

  • remember to attach your passport and your residence permit for Denmark, in case you have one (both card and letter with the decision)

6. Send your application

7. Print the 'signature page', sign it and send it to (one for each application you have made at SDU)

The application form needs some documents to come along, to make it possible to assess your application.

Depending on your educational background, the number of documents you must add varies.  Check our list of International School leaving examinations to see which documents are required. Is the country you are looking for, missing on the list, you are welcome to contact for more information.

You must add:

  • your final secondary degree diploma and a transcript of records (both original language and en English or Danish translation by a certified translator)
  • transcript of records - if you obtain your diploma during summer in the year of application
  • the document Statement of Hours, if needed (check the list of International School leaving examiantions)
  • documentation of relevant supplementary courses (e.g. English/Danish language documentation, University/College courses)
  • documentation of your citizenship (passport)
  • a copy of your residence permit in Denmark, if applicable
  • a pre-assessment if you have received one earlier
  • an application for  exemption, if applicable

In case you finish your secondary degree diploma or supplementary courses during summer, state that in your application right away and add the final  documentation to your application on before 5 July, noon.


Give SDU the permission to get your application

You must allow the University of Southern Denmark to get your application from, once you have applied for admission.

But how? - When you have approved your application, a signature page opens. Please sign this page and send it to

The signature page must be printed, signed, dated and received by SDU no later than 15 March, noon, in the year of application.

Without the signature page, SDU is NOT allowed to get your application.

Please read this guide (available from 1 February) for the admission process thoroughly.

There are several important dates you should remember through the admission process for a Bachelor's programme at SDU.

Already now, you have the possibility to check out the deadlines which will come after the very first, the application deadline on 15 March, noon.

Be prepared and do some research on what will come and check out the Important dates

Stand by - what is it and what does it entail 

If an applicant rejects an offer of a spot, the University offers the spot to one of the applicants who have been registered for standby spots. Only a few applicants will receive those offers.

Before you get registered as standby, you have to consider the following

  1. Would you like to start with your education now, or are you willing to wait one more year?
  2. Would you like to get registered as standby until 15 August?
  3. If you get registered for a spot as standby, you will not have the chance to get accepted for a programme of one of your lower priorities, where you, without standby, would have received the offer for a spot

Getting an offer for a spot during the standby period

Applicants getting registered for a standby spot on 26 July, will be put on a waiting list. These applicants have the chance to get an offer for a programme spot before 15 August with programme start 1 September.

For applicants of the programmes Medicine and Clinical Biomechanics - programme start can as well be 1 February.

Getting an offer for a spot during the standby period and rejecting

Are you rejecting an offer for a spot during the standby period, before 15 August, means that you will lose the spot and you will not be able to get the standby spot changed into a commitment. I.e. you have to apply from scratch again next year.

Converting a standby spot to a commitment

If you are not being offered a programme spot with start 1 September before deadline of the standby period on 15 August, the status of standby will change to a commitment for admission for the same programme the year after – but only if you have applied for standby and received a standby spot on 26 July.

The commitment applies solely to the programme you have applied for and for admission in the coming year, though you still have to fulfill all the entry requirements for the programme. Despite the commitment, you have to apply for admission again via and click the space ‘I have a commitment’.

Remember that you are only able to apply for standby, if you apply for admission. You are not able to book ahead a programme spot.

Once you have applied and send your application and your signature  page, you will receive a receipt for your application by e-mail.

In this e-mail, you are referred to the admission self-service site AdmissionSDU.

On Admission SDU you can:

  • check the status of your application during the application procedure
  • check if documents are missing to assess your application
  • check the important messages we sent to you (e.g. invitation to the aptitude test, results of the test)
  • check which deadlines you have to be aware of

All communication concerning your application will be digital - we recommend checking the page regularly.

Contact us

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