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Research at the Department of Business & Management is organised into seven research units. The department works in a quantitative and qualitative manner and aims to build the bridge between applied research and fundamental research.    

We create knowledge that advances the understanding of the practice of business and management as well as the functioning of markets, institutions, and regulatory bodies.

Our research has relevance for businesses, but also for society more broadly since it strives to advance basic knowledge that may drive change beyond businesses.

Our research reflects the complexity of behavior and decision making in real world and therefore applies a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches.

We believe that valuable research collaboration develops bottom-up processes, not through top-down strategies.

We strive to publish our research in books and journals with the highest standard according to national and international rankings, but we acknowledge that valuable contributions to the scientific community may very well come from other outlets than those with highest ranks.

The seven research units within the department include approximately 120 senior researchers and 15 PhD students.

Find more information about the research activities at the department below.

Last Updated 26.11.2021