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Consumption, Culture and Commerce

The CCC unit is an interdisciplinary hub for cultural research on consumption and markets. In addition to being a long-standing contributor to and one of the world’s leading research environments in the field of consumer culture theory (CCT), we strive to contribute to knowledge on consumption and commerce in broader disciplines such as marketing, anthropology and sociology.


Our work critically unpacks consumption and market phenomena by exploring the workings and vicissitudes of culture and socio-economic systems. We investigate diverse topics and contexts, which often fall into (but are by no means restricted to) 3 core research domains:

  1. Challenges of global socio-economic systems
  2. Cultural perspectives on emergent technologies 
  3. Culturally-informed marketing
Social impact

Our research and education reflects our commitment to addressing relevant social problems, by putting to task the core competencies of our researchers and taking advantage of the collective strengths our research unit.


Our core educational activities comprise our groundbreaking Market and Management Anthropology Program (MMA), our two master’s programs focused on Global Marketing and Consumer Culture, and Brand Management and Marketing communication, and our bachelor’s program devoted to Marketing and Brand management.


Last Updated 01.06.2023