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SDU pilot project provides online teaching in Sierra Leone

SDU gained a lot of experience in online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. This gave Associate professor Kjeld Jensen the idea to develop an online teaching pilot between two universities – one in Denmark and one in Sierra Leone.

Tested in Denmark, taught in Sierra Leone

The online course “Introduction to Cyber-physical Systems” will be conducted in 2022 at the university in Sierra Leone taught remotely from SDU by Kjeld Jensen.

The course is a hands-on laboratory course that consists of 5 modules and is based on the curriculum of the Faculty of Engineering at SDU. It has therefore already been tested on Danish students.

Online teaching and group work

Each module consists of an introductory lesson by Kjeld Jensen followed by laboratory work in groups of 2-3 students. Here the students get to work with the drone kits given by SDU and learn about micro controllers and cyber-physical systems. Each module is completed by a report from the students.

The pilot project is a way to learn more about the possibilities and challenges of online teaching between two universities, and Kjeld Jensen hopes to expand the collaboration to other courses in the future.

Last Updated 29.03.2023