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Reuse of computers and teaching materials

SDU regularly replaces teaching materials and IT equipment that do not live up to the latest requirements . This could be books where new editions have been published or computers from former employees.

By initiative from engaged SDU employees, these re-usable teaching materials and IT-equipment are sent to schools in Sierra Leone in cooperation with Engineers without Borders Denmark (EWBDK).

SDU Library gives books to technical schools in Sierra Leone

Every year many books are outdated as the publishers offer new and updated editions. Instead of throwing these books away, librarians from SDU Library carefully picks out the reusable STEM-books (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and prepare to send them to a new life in Africa.

The books are sent to the Eastern Technical University and a girl school in Kenema that focuses on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). 

More about the project of re-using teaching materials

SDU-IT sends re-useable computers to Sierra Leone

Today’s increasing software and hardware updates and requirements result in lots of outdated IT-equipment that ends up at SDU IT. The IT equipment might not be fit for the latest research but is often still fully functionable.

Therefore, a group of IT supporters at SDU has started a collaboration with EWBDK to send old laptops to schools in Sierra Leone. The laptops have been cleaned and the SDU hard disks have been removed. The receivers of the laptops are Eastern Technical University and the STEM girl school in Kenema.

The plan is to continue to collect and send the reusable IT-equipment to Sierra Leone, as they make a big difference to the African schools.

Drone kits from SDU to support teaching in Sierra Leone

As part of an online teaching pilot project, SDU UAS Center has sent 5 complete drone kits to Eastern Technical University. The drone kits will be supporting the course “Introduction to Cyber-physical Systems”, which will be conducted at the university in Sierra Leone remotely from SDU. The course is a hands-on laboratory course, where the students will be working in groups of 2-3 persons using the drone kits to learn about micro controllers and cyber-physical systems.

The online course is initiated by Associate professor Kjeld Jensen from SDU UAS Center, who aims to continue developing the course, if it is a success.


Last Updated 29.03.2023