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Completed research projects at SDU Software Engineering

CARMEN - Center for Advanced Robotic Manufacturing Engineering

The project focuses on new and advanced methods to virtually carrying out all phases of an robotics-based automation process.

Energy-effective Programming of Collaborative Robots

The project will enable more energy efficient robots based on a new method for programming robots via Augmented Reality. It is estimated that programming robots with more energy efficient movements potentially can save the electricity consumption equaling more than hundreds of thousands of Danes each year.
Contact: Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard

Future Freezer Unit (2017-2020)

The project aims to develop a fully automated robotic freezer that can keep track of the growing number of blood, tissue and cell samples in healthcare, which is a consequence of the development of personalized medicine. The freezer should increase patient safety by minimizing the risk of mix-ups.

Contact:  Ulrik Pagh Schultz


The purpose of the project IoTStyring is through Internet of Things (IoT) and digitalisation technologies to develop and test an innovative concept for energy efficient control of floor heating, ventilation, and lighting all in one.
Contact: Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard


The purpose of this project is to build up novel research and knowledge within the field of development and use of welfare and health technologies – by creating interdisciplinary collaboration among end users, research institutions, enterprises, and health professionals.

SAFE - Safe Perception and Behavior in Autonomous Agricultural Machines

The purpose of this project is to develop safety systems that permit agricultural machines to autonomously handle all significant physical hazards in the agricultural fields. 

Sensing Behaviour: Occupancy-Informed Architecture by Customizable Situational Mapping with Computer Vision

The purpose of the project is to inform architectural practice by customizable situational mapping of occupant based on computer vision
Contact: Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard


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Contact Torben Worm, Head of SDU Software Engineering


Last Updated 01.12.2023