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Civil and Architectural Engineering

Civil and Architectural Engineering

Welcome to the section for Civil and Architectural Engineering. We do research and offer education in the design of the built environment. We are part of the Faculty of Engineering.

Civil and Architectural Engineering

The section Civil and Architectural Engineering provides education and conducts research in the design, construction, and use of the built environment. We are a section of engineers and architects, working together following the concept of total design, which implies a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of building projects and the need for building engineers to collaborate across disciplinary boundaries.

The section has a strong technical focus on four key areas: structural engineering, facade engineering, computational design and fabrication, and urban resilience.

As a product of our time, and to prepare students for the workplace of the future, we adopt, emphasise, and encourage the use of appropriate digital practices in our research and education. And because of the significant impact that buildings, infrastructure, and cities have on our environment, we have welcomed the university's alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The goals are considered at a fundamental level in our research and we teach students to critically assess the impact of design decisions.

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We won two research grants from Innovation Fund Denmark and Realdania

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On this website, we feature photography of exemplary projects in the built environment. We have not directly contributed to some of these projects, but as researchers and educators we use these as markers. All photographs are used with permission.