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PhD Research

Find below an overview of past and present PhD projects in the section of Civil and Architectural Engineering. The section is currently expanding and if you are interested in pursuing a PhD with us, please keep an eye on the open positions. And contact us if you wish to discuss a research proposal, as we may be able to advise on possible routes to funding.

Current PhD Projects

Timber Construction 4.0. A cyber-physical approach for advanced wood architecture

PhD by Anja Kunic, supervised by Roberto Naboni.

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PhD Anja Kunic

Circular transition of social housing: Generating environmental, economic and social co-benefits by design

PhD by Vibeke Grupe Larsen, supervised by Nicola Tollin (SDU), Morten Birkved (SDU), Peter Andreas Sattrup (DANSKEARK) and Tine Holmboe (DANSKEARK).

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Capacity Building for Operationalising Urban Resilience Transition

PhD by Katarzyna Wieszczeczynska, supervised by Nicola Tollin (SDU) and Mathias Spaliviero (UH-Habitat).

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From low carbon buildings to sustainable cities: Sustainability transitions in the built environment towards the un agenda

PhD by Guillermo Penagos, supervised by Jordi Morató (CATUNESCO) and Nicola Tollin (SDU).

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Integration of the relationship between human health and climate change in the framework of urban resilience

PhD by Vanessa Agudelo Valderrama, supervised by Jordi Morató (CATUNESCO) and Nicola TOLLIN (SDU).

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Shear Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams Without and With Small Amounts of Shear Reinforcement

PhD by Frederik Autrup, supervised by Henrik Brøner Jørgensen.

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PhD Frederik Autrup

Advancing Concrete Construction Through Additive Manufacturing Technologies

PhD by Luca Breseghello, supervised by Roberto Naboni.

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PhD Luca Breseghello

Probabilistic Assessment of Slender Hydraulic Structures Loaded by Waves and Hydro-Static Loads

PhD by Nadieh Meinen, supervised by Bas Jonkman (TU Delft) and Raphael Steenbergen (TNO).

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PhD Nadieh Meinen

Completed PhD Projects

Infuence of Alkali-Silica Reaction on the Shear Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Slabs Without Shear Reinforcement

PhD by Søren Gustenhoff Hansen.

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Bridge aeroelasticity and the non-flutter design principle for long span bridges

PhD by Michael Styrk Andersen.

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