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Research in Civil and Architectural Engineering

Research in the Section for Civil and Architectural Engineering is organised along a growing number of research areas.

Sustainable Building and Civil Engineering
The  emerging climate challenge requires fundamentally new and research based answers. Sustainable Building and Civil Engineering delivers research and innovation within both engineering and architectural disciplines – such as facades – but also conceptualizing how the integration of disciplines can be carried out. The group is inspired by Arups Total Design approach, but also the Danish house builder tradition. 

Facade Design and Engineering examines aspects of performance of contemporary and future building envelopes, in order to drive the transition towards cost-optimal and sustainable buildings.

Kinetic Environments studies the tectonics of architectural motion, considering material technology, mechanisation, structural mechanics, building automation and human occupation.

Structural Engineering investigates the load-carrying and deformation capacity of traditional and innovative concrete structures. Research in this area also includes assessment of structural safety of existing structures.

Urban Resilience addresses both causes and effects of climate change in cities, and focusses on urban resilient transition. This focus includes climate change mitigation and adaptation—and risk reduction of climatic, environmental, and man-made disaster.

Last Updated 28.08.2023