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Digital Diploma


Your diploma is issued as a series of PDF documents. At The Faculty of Humanities a complete diploma consists of:

• A description of the digital diploma 
• Degree certificate
• Course description
• Final evaluation (separate document)

The verified diploma is to be downloaded from the Digital Diploma Mailbox.

A valid digital diploma must contain a verification link. If the link is removed from the diploma, the diploma is no longer valid documentation for degree and results from SDU.

When SDU issues a digital diploma on the university's secure server  a verification link will be embedded in the pages of the diploma. If the recipient of the diploma clicks on the link, he or she will be able to see the verified original diploma directly from the university's server.

From the Digital Diploma Mailbox you can send a copy of your diploma, directly from the SDU server to one or more e-mail recipients. SDU will appear as the sender of the e-mail.

In the Digital Diploma Mailbox, you have the option to provide time-limited access to a  third party. Time-limited access can be granted by:

  • Selecting which documents third party should be able to see
  • Selecting the period in which documents should be visible
  • Enter one or more e-mail addresses where the access link is to be sent

In the Digital Diploma Mailbox, you can see who you have either sent documents to or granted third party access.

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Last Updated 02.03.2020