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Become PhD Student

Application Procedure

Find the application form here

If you have any questions about the research content of your application, please contact the contact person named in the relevant posting.

  1. Remember the application deadlines for the relevant grant posting

  2. Prepare the project description. Remember that the project description must relate to the grant in the posting. (Project descriptions that to not meet this requirement will not be considered). There are quite specifik requirements for the size and content of the project description, e.g., it is very important that you draw up a schedule.
    Read more about the project description

  3. Prepare all relevant documentation. make sure that all information concerning your educational background is documented correctly.
    See documentation requirements

  4. Choice of supervisor. Your primary supervisor (principal supervisor) must be a professor or associate professor at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Southern Denmark. if you do not already know a potential supervisor, please contact the head of department and ask for advice about your choice of supervisor. (You do not need to have a prior agreement with a supervisor in order to apply).
    In some cases, it may be relevant to have a co-supervisor, but you should not apply for this until after enrolment.

  5. Submit the application. All applications must be submitted through the Sdujob online application system via the link "apply online". The application form may be found under the individual grant posting. Please note that applications submitted after the application deadline will not be considered.

  6. Assessment procedure. After the application deadline, the faculty administration will inform you of the subsequent process via the electronic application system. Please note that as soon as the deadline expires, all communication regarding the process will take place via the faculty administration, i.e. you may not, for example, contact the Assessment Committee directly.