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Welcome to SDU Engineering Operations Management

The section for Engineering Operations Management (SEOM) covers a broad set of subjects related to design and management of products / service, operations processes and systems within Manufacturing / Transportation / Service companies.   

The section is an interdisciplinary unit. Research and educational programmes in the section are developed in close collaboration with industry and contributes to the sustainable development within the focus area of manufacturing, industrial and supply chain engineering management.

The academic field of the section for Engineering Operations Management (SEOM) focuses on how technologies, engineering and management methods can be applied to make product / services and operations processes more digital, sustainable and competitive for businesses operating in the global market place. For a presentation of  our competencies in various research fields please refer to the page Research Areas.

Two bachelor programmes (Manufacturing Engineering and Management and Global Management and Manufacturing) are anchored in SEOM. The Master's degree in OM (with manufacturing specialization) is anchored in SEOM as well. The section also offers specialized summer courses on selected topics of Operations Management.

The section is also involved in  the “Experts in Teams Innovation” course.


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