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Sensors (UV, Force, Heat, Gas, Environmental, Biological)

These pure and functionalized zinc oxide nano- and microstructures have shown interesting sensing capabilities in many directions. Some key publications in the direction of sensing technologies are listed below:

1. Terahertz Plasmonics: The Rise of Toroidal Metadevices towards Immunobiosensings, Materials Today 32, 108-130 (2020).

2. Self-reporting Mechanochromic Coating: A Glassfiber Reinforced Polymer Composite that Predicts Impact Induced Damage, Materials Horizons 7, 598-604 (2020).

3. Toroidal Metaphotonics and Metadevices, Lasers and Photonics Reviews (2020).

4. Detection of Prostate Cancer using Tetrapods based Disposable Paper Ecofriendly Biosensor Device, Medical Devices Sensors (2020).

5. Nanotechnology-assisted Liquid Crystals-based Biosensors: Towards Fundamental to Advanced Applications, Biosensors Bioelectronics 168, 112562 (2020).

6. Functional Gas Sensing Nanomaterials: A Panoramic View, Applied Physics Reviews 7, 021301 (2020).

7. A Flower-like ZnO-Ag2O Nanocomposite for Label and Mediator Free Direct Sensing of Dinitrotolune, RSC Advances 10, 27764-27774 (2020).

8. Three-Dimensional tetrapodal ZnO Microstructured Network based Flexible Surface Acoustic Wave Device for Ultraviolet and Respiration Monitoring Applications, ACS Applied Nano Materials 3, 1468-1478 (2020).

9. Conjuncted Photo-thermoelectric Effect in ZnO-graphene Nanocomposite Foam for Self-powered Simultaneous Temperature and Light Sensing, Scientific Reports 10, 11864 (2020).

10. Highly Selective and Ultra-low Power Consumption Metal Oxide Based hydrogen Gas Sensor Employing Graphene Oxide as Molecular Sieve, Sensor Actuators B: Chemical 320, 128363(2020).

11. Carbon-phosphide Monolayer with High Carrier Mobility and Perceptible I-V Responsible for Superior Gas Sensing, New Journal of Chemistry 44, 3777-3785 (2020).

12. Aero-gel based CeO2 Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Structural Properties and Detailed Humidity Sensing Response, Journal of Materials Chemistry C 7, 5477-5487 (2019).

13. Nanogenerator and Piezotronic Inspired Concepts for Energy Efficient Magnetic Field Sensors, Nano Energy 56, 420-425 (2019).

14. Achieving Ultrahigh Light-induced Pyroelectric Charge Density for Self-powered UV Light Detection, Advanced Electronic Materials 5, 1800413 (2019).

15. Optically Controlled Abnormal Photovoltaic Current Modulation with Temperature in BiFeO3, Advanced Electronic Materials 5,1800791 (2019).

16. Improving Gas Sensing by CdTe Decoration of Individual Aerographite Microtubes, Nanotechnology 30, 065501 (2019).

17. Sensing up to 40 atm using Pressure-Sensitive Aero-GaN, Physica Status Solidi-RRL 13, 1900012 (2019).

18. Biosensors for Epilepsy Management: State-of-Art and Future Aspects, Sensors 19, 1525 (2019).

19. Stretchable CNTs-Ecoflex Composite as Variable Transmittance Skin for Ultrasensitive Strain Sensing, Advanced Materials Technologies 3, 1800248 (2018).

20. Zinc Oxide Tetrapods Based Biohybrid Interface for Voltammetric Sensing of Helicobacter pylori, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10, 30631-30639 (2018).

21. Zinc Oxide Nanotetrapods with Four Different Arm Morphologies for Versatile Nanosensors, Sensors Actuators B: Chemical 262, 425-435 (2018).

22. Multifunctional Electronic Devices: A Case Study of Effects of Metal Doping on the ZnO Tetrapods with Bismuth and Tin Oxides, Advanced Functional Materials 27 1604676 (2017).

23. Piezoresistive Response of Quasi One- dimensional ZnO Nanowires using An In-situ Electromechanical Device, ACS Omega 2, 2985-2993 (2017).

24. Tunable Strain in Magnetoelectric ZnO Micro Rods Composite Interface, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, 25571-25577 (2017).

25. 3-D Hybrid Networks of ZnO Tetrapods Doped and Alloyed by MexOy and ZnxMe1-xOy for Selective Gas Sensing Applications, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, 4084-4099 (2017).

26. Fabrication and Response of Alpha-hydroxybutyrate Sensors for Rapid Assessment of Cardiometabolic Disease Risk, Biosensors & Bioelectronics 89, 334-342 (2017).

27. Palladium Decorated Silicon Carbide Nanocauliflowers for Hydrogen Gas Sensing Application, Sensors & Actuators B: Chemical 242, 694-699 (2017).

28. Ultra-light Aero-graphite for Climate Relevant Gas Monitoring, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4, 16723-16730 (2016).

29. Synthesis, Characterization and DFT Studies of Zinc-doped Copper Oxide Nanocrystals for Gas Sensing Applications, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4, 6527-6539 (2016).

30. Enhanced Ethanol Vapour Sensing Performances of Copper Oxide Nanocrystals with Mixed Phases, Sensors & Actuators B: Chemical 244, 434-448 (2016).

31. Direct Growth of Freestanding ZnO Tetrapod Networks for Multifunctional Applications in Photocatalysis, UV Photodetection and Gas Sensing, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7, 14303-14316 (2015).

32. Rapid Switching and Ultra-responsive Nanosensors based on Individual Shell-core Ga2O3/GaN:Ox@SnO2 Nanobelt with Nanocrystalline Shell in Mixed Phases, Sensors & Actuators B: Chemical 221, 544–555 (2015).

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35. Versatile Growth of Freestanding Orthorhombic alpha-Molybdenum Trioxide Nano- and Microstructures by Rapid Thermal Processing for Gas Nanosensors, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118, 15068–15078(2014).

Last Updated 27.11.2020