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New Materials (3D soft)

The zinc oxide tetrapods and their porous three-dimensional networks are suitable candidates as the sacrificial backbone for creating hollow tetrapodal nanostructures and 3D architectures from other materials. Key articles in the direction of new 3D materials are as below:

1. Conversionless Efficient and Broadband Laser Light Diffusers for High Brightness Illumination Applications, Nature Communications 11, 1-10 (2020).

2. Necklace-like Nitrogen-doped Hollow Carbon 3D Frameworks for Electrochemical Energy Storage, Advanced Functional Materials 30, 1909725 (2020).

3. Aero-ZnS Architectures with Dual Hydrophilic-Hydrophobic Properties for Microfluidic Applications, APL Materials 8, 061105 (2020).

4. Self-organized and Self-propelled Aero-GaN with Dual Hydrophilic-hydrophobic Behavior, Nano Energy 56, 759-769 (2019).

5. Wet-Chemical Assembly of 2D Nanomaterials into Lightweight, Microtube-Shaped and Macroscopic 3D Networks, ACS Applied Materials Interfaces 11, 44652-44663 (2019).

6. Biomimetic Carbon-Fiber Systems Engineering: A Modular Design Strategy to Generate Biofunctional Composites from Graphene and Carbon Nanofibers, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11, 5325-5335 (2019).

7. Systematically designed periodic electrophoretic deposition for decorating 3D carbon-based scaffolds with bioactive nanoparticles, ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 5, 4393-4404 (2019).

8. 3D Hydrogels Containing Interconnected Microchannels of Subcellular Size for Capturing Human Pathogenic Acanthamoeba Castellanii, ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 5, 1784-1792 (2019).

9. Crystalline Width and Mechanical Properties of Annealed 3D Carbon Foam Composites, Carbon 142, 60-67 (2019).

10. Growth Model and Thermodynamic Calculations of a 3D Interconnected Hollow Carbon Foam Aerographite via Ex-situ Analysis, Applied Surface Science 470, 535-542 (2019).

11. Bioactive Carbon Based hybrid 3D Scaffolds for Osteoblast Growth, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10, 43874-43886 (2018).

12. Fundamentals of the Temperature-Dependent Electrical Conductivity of a 3D Carbon Foam-Aerographite, Synthetic Metals 235, 145-152 (2018).

13. Hierarchical Self-entangled Carbon Nanotube Tube Networks, Nature Communications 8, 1215 (2017).

14. Nanomechanics of Individual Aerographite Tetrapods, Nature Communications 8, 14982 (2017).

15. Direct Synthesis of Electrowettable Carbon Nanowall-diamond Hybrid 3D Materials from Sacrificial Ceramic Templates using HFCVD, Advanced Materials Interface 4, 1700019 (2017).

16. Sacrificial Template Synthesis and Properties of 3-D Hollow-silicon Nano- and Microstructures, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8, 20491-20498 (2016).

17. Three-dimensional SnO2 Nanowire Networks for Multifunctional Applications: From High Temperature Stretchable Ceramics to Ultraresponsive Sensors, Advanced Electronic Materials 1, 1500081 (2015).

18.  Fabrication of Macroscopically Flexible and Highly Porous 3D Semiconductor Networks from Interpenetrating Nanostructures by Simple Flame Transport Approach, Particle Particle Systems Characterization 30, 775-783 (2013).

19.  Aerographite: Ultra Lightweight Flexible Nanowall Carbon Microtube Material with Outstanding Mechanical Performance, Advanced Materials 24, 3486-3490 (2012).

20. Solvent Free Fabrication of Micro and Nanostructured Drug Coatings by Thermal Evaporation for Controlled Release and Increased Effects, PLoS ONE 7, e40746 (2012).

Last Updated 27.11.2020