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Hybdrid Materials

The zinc oxide tetrapods micro- and nanostructures offers the opportunity as solid backbone to integrate foreign nanostructures to functionalize them further in form of hybrid multifunctional nanomaterials. Key publications in the direction are listed below:

1. ZnAl2O4 Decorated Al-doped ZnO Tetrapodal 3D Networks: Microstructure, Raman and Detailed Temperature Dependent Photoluminescent Analysis, Nanoscale Advances 2, 2114-2126 (2020).                       

2. The role Ge2Sb2Te5 in Enhancing the Performance of Functional Plasmonic Devices, Materials Today Physics 100178 (2020).

3. Molecules Vs nanoparticles: Identifying a Reactive Molecular Intermediate in the Synthesis of Ternary Coinage Metal Chalcogenides, Inorganic Chemistry 59, 7727-7738 (2020).

4. Visible Light Photocatalysis by Carbon-nano-onions-functionalized ZnO Tetrapods: Degradation of 2,4-Dinitrophenol and Plant-model-based Ecological Assessment, Nature Asia Materials 11, 8 (2019).

5. Probing Surface States in C60 Decorated ZnO Microwires: Detailed Photoluminescence and Cathodoluminescence Investigations, Nanoscale Advances 1, 1516-1526 (2019).

6. Thermal and Electrical Transport Properties in Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube-coated ZnO Tetrapods and Self-entangled Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Tubes, Carbon 144, 423-432 (2019).

7. Optically Controlled Abnormal Photovoltaic Current Modulation with Temperature in BiFeO3, Advanced Electronic Materials 5,1800791 (2019).

8. Crystalline Width and Mechanical Properties of Annealed 3D Carbon Foam Composites, Carbon 142, 60-67 (2019).

9. Growth Model and Thermodynamic Calculations of a 3D Interconnected Hollow Carbon Foam Aerographite via Ex-situ Analysis, Applied Surface Science 470, 535-542 (2019).

10. Buckminsterfullerene Hybridized Zinc Oxide Tetrapods: Defects and Charge Transfer Induced Optical and Electrical Response, Nanoscale 10, 10050-10062 (2018).

11. Light-Mediated Growth of Noble Metal Nanostructures (Au, Ag, Cu, Pt, Pd, Ru, Ir, Rh) from Micro- and Nanoscale ZnO Tetrapodal Backbones, Frontiers in Chemistry 6, 411 (2018).

12. Hierarchical Aerographite 3D Flexible Networks Hybridized by InP Micro/Nanostructures for Strain Sensor Applications, Scientific Reports 8, 13880 (2018).

13. Properties of a Single SnO2:Zn2SnO4 – Functionalized Nanowire based Nanosensor, Ceramics International 44, 4859-4867 (2018).

14. Multifunctional Electronic Devices: A Case Study of Effects of Metal Doping on the ZnO Tetrapods with Bismuth and Tin Oxides, Advanced Functional Materials 27 1604676 (2017).

15. Sensing Performances of Pure and Hybridized Carbon Nanotubes-ZnO Nanowire Interconnected Networks: A Detailed Study, Scientific Reports 7, 14715 (2017).

16. Tunable Strain in Magnetoelectric ZnO Micro Rods Composite Interface, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, 25571-25577 (2017).

17. 3-D Hybrid Networks of ZnO Tetrapods Doped and Alloyed by MexOy and ZnxMe1-xOy for Selective Gas Sensing Applications, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, 4084-4099 (2017).

18. Carbon based Flexible 3D Nanocomposites: Fabrication and Electromechanical Investigations of Neat Aerographite and Aerographite-epoxy Composites under Compression, Carbon 111, 103-112 (2017).

19. UV Detection Properties of Hybrid ZnO Tetrapod 3-D Network, Vacuum 146, 492-500 (2017).

20. Strong Light Scattering and Broadband (UV to IR) Photoabsorption in Stretchable 3D Hybrid Architectures based on Aerographite Decorated by ZnO Nanocrystallites, Scientific Reports 6, 32913 (2016).

21. Electro-mechanical Piezoresistive Properties of Three Dimensionally Interconnected Carbon Aerogel (Aerographite)- epoxy Composites, Composites Science & Technology 134, 226-233 (2016).

22. Enhanced Ethanol Vapour Sensing Performances of Copper Oxide Nanocrystals with Mixed Phases, Sensors & Actuators B: Chemical 244, 434-448 (2016).

23. Ultra-wide Bandwidth with Enhanced Microwave Absorption of Electroless Ni-P Coated Tetrapod-Shaped ZnO Nano- and Microstructures, Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics 17, 22923-22933 (2015).

24. Three-dimensional Aerographite-GaN Hybrid Networks: Single Step Fabrication of Porous and Mechanically Flexible Materials for Multifunctional Applications, Scientific Reports 5, 8839 (2015).

25. Rapid Switching and Ultra-responsive Nanosensors based on Individual Shell-core Ga2O3/GaN:Ox@SnO2 Nanobelt with Nanocrystalline Shell in Mixed Phases, Sensors & Actuators B: Chemical 221, 544–555 (2015).

Last Updated 27.11.2020