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With an MSc in Engineering - Electronics you will be a specialist in power electronics and embedded systems which are found in almost all electronic equipment today. You will learn to combine the two disciplines in practice and thereby play a central role in the development of the future's intelligent products. For example, hybrid and electric cars use power electronics and intelligent control to ensure reduced energy consumption.

Control and power electronics go into space crafts and satellites, among other things, to convert energy from solar panels, fuel cells and batteries. The electronic engineer's skills are also used in the development of products such as smartphones, censors, intelligent washing machines, drones, emergency power systems, frequency converters and robots.

What can I become?

 As a graduate (Master of Science) in Electronics, you will typically work in development, project management, consulting, or sales. You can e.g., work with medical equipment, computers and data networks, control and monitoring systems, energy-saving products, mobile communications, electrical devices and machines, robots, software development, regulation and automation of production processes and industrial electronics.
The programme gives you several career opportunities - both in Denmark and abroad.

Read more about career opportunities here.


That is why you should study...

  • You will learn how to develop the robot technology of the future
  • You will have good career opportunities
  • You will learn to develop innovative solutions to specific problems