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Create the teaching aids and experiences of the future

Do you dream of developing interactive games and play equipment for children? Or what about learning platforms for companies, or games, services and aids for the mobile phones of the future? With a master degree in Game Development and Learning Technology you can help create the teaching aids and experiences of the future.

The master programme allows you to dig into subjects from the four subject columns: Software Engineering and Robotics, Interaction, Didactics and Learning, and Experience, Culture and Play.

As a master student you will be able to specialise in your specific field of interest and thereby create your future job profile.

During your studies you will learn to develop intelligent aids and toys. Among other things, you will receive teaching in game development, play culture and experience economy enabling you to develop and design play products for companies and organisations.

You will apply techniques used in game, play and learning – e.g. control of online multiple player games, ‘timeline controlled’ programming, ’collision detection’ and dynamic websites.

During your studies you will involve the users and identify their needs, which will form the basis of your product and system development.

Project work and solving problems for companies

You become part of a project based and problem based study environment where you work in project groups together with your fellow students.

In the project group you and your fellow students:

  • are responsible for planning and carrying out the project
  • will cooperate and meet the deadlines
  • will solve problems for companies
  • will have your own project room

In your last semester you will carry out your master thesis project.

Versatile career paths

As a graduate you will have a range of job opportunities – in Denmark and abroad. You could, for example, develop interactive games, services for mobile phones or learning platforms for companies and museums.