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What does the programme lead to?

With a degree in Software Engineering you will typically be developing intelligent products for a global market in which cultural understanding and knowledge of local standards and conditions are crucial for success.

Software shapes how people go about their lives and it is embedded in e.g. computers, the TV, the smartphone, the Internet, the car, the train, and the stove. That means that software engineers will have career opportunities in many different sectors – in Denmark as well as abroad.

As an MSc in Software Engineering, you could be employed as, for example:

  • Software developer
  • Mobile application developer
  • Systems developer
  • Systems consultant
  • IT and systems architect
  • Software quality engineer
  • Product manager
  • Project manager
  • Head of IT strategy
  • Teacher:  in high schools and higher education with the choice of subject didactics
  • Researcher

What the corporate world thinks…

Large projects require big ideas
Our clients and projects in software development for large e-commerce solutions and mobile applications are continuously growing and become more complex. Therefore, we need software engineers that can both develop software in detail and recognize the complexity of the projects in a broader perspective. At Hesehus they become part of a project team developing some of the most ambitious and strategic e-commerce solutions in Denmark. Here, they obtain a role in all phases right from requirement gatherings to deployment and planning of architecture.”

Mette Reinholt Mortensen, Development Manager at Hesehus

We need engineers to create future-proof software solutions
I don’t question the need for a Master of Science in Software Engineering. The use of software to create solutions that can help us in our daily lives has never been greater since software surrounds us wherever we go; our washing machines, pumps and lighting, the devices in the healthcare industry to global search engines etc. etc. Therefore, we have a great need for civil engineers in Software Engineering because they can participate in all aspects of the development process.

ALOC provides solutions for the financial sector. Our systems are used to trade securities on the stock exchanges, manage assets for banks and their customers as well as investments and risks in companies.
In ALOC we need civil engineers in Software Engineering because they, along with our business analysts, can gain an understanding of the complex relations regarding our customers and hence use this knowledge to create professional and lasting solutions, which will provide value to customers.”

Lars Dahl-Hansen, Senior Software Architect, ALOC A/S

Learning outcomes

What makes a graduate with an engineering degree in Software Engineering especially attractive to the labour market? Below is an overview of the competencies you will have once graduated: general engineering competencies as well as the special competencies you will acquire in Software Engineering.