Life as a student

This master programme educates designers who can work in multidisciplinary teams that develop interactive IT products and services for private and public organisations.

The programme is organised as a full-time education, and requires students to contribute with time and energy equivalent to that of a full-time job. The programme is based on project work in a design studio, in which students learn through completing projects in teams and individually.

The programme is taught in English and offered by SDU Design, at campus Kolding.

The programme begun in 2001, and is founded on energetic and innovative educational approaches.

30-40 students come from countries all over the world, whereas the students’ educational backgrounds cover a wide field of professions, from cultural studies to engineering.

With this multicultural and multidisciplinary mix the students will be able to build bridges of understanding in a real-world design context, beyond the traditional roles of engineers, designers, managers and other stakeholders.

The programme is organised across The Faculty of Humanities and The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences.


See the curriculum for the MSc. in Information Technology (Product Design).

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