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Life as a student

This master programme educates designers who can work in multidisciplinary teams developing interactive IT products and services, for private and public organisations.

The programme is organised as a full-time studio education. This requires students working face-to-face everyday, contributing with the time and energy equivalent to that of a full-time job. IT Product Design is based on project work in a design studio.  

The programme is taught in English, and takes place mainly in ITPD’s studios of the fifth floor of Campus Kolding, and three minutes walk away at our harbourfront workshop facility, SDU Maker Space.

Students publish

In collaboration with teachers, researchers and peers from other universities, IT Product Design students regularly publish about their designs and projects in international conferences.

Students can apply for financial support to participate in such events. In this way, IT Product Design students expand their network within the design research community worldwide, travel and keep themselves updated with the newest research within their field.

Multicultural and multidisciplinary

Every year, 40 new students come from countries all over the world. Their backgrounds cover a wide range of educations, career paths and professions, such as various fields of design and art, anthropology, business, communication, computing, engineering, and beyond! IT Product Design teachers are also very cosmopolitan and bring excellent expertise from a wide range of fields.

Students work alongside each other, every day, in this multicultural and multidisciplinary mix. This diversity can be challenging but learning to innovate and thrive in such complexity is highly valued by employers.

Even though studying IT Product Design is a full-time education that requires daily active contribution and participation, many students find time for doing side projects that arise in this creative and multicultural environment. Our international students have an opportunity to apply for the student grant to support themselves through their Master’s studies.


See the curriculum for the MSc. in Information Technology (Product Design).


The student publication list


Last Updated 14.01.2021