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Questions about the programme?

For all programmes, an Academic Student Advisor has been employed. The Academic Student Advisor attends the programme him or herself and therefore has a very specific and academic knowledge of the programme.

As a prospective student, you can gain feedback, knowledge and insight into both academic matters and student life of the programme. For example:

  • Courses, curriculum tracks and the academic content of specialisations.
  • Academic priorities and the academic progression of the programme.
  • Expectations to you as a student – including the academic level and work effort.
  • Student life and the learning environment.
  • The programme’s informal practices and unwritten rules.

If the Academic Student Advisor cannot answer your questions, he or she will refer you to another person, so you can get the help and answers you need. The Academic Student Advisor cooperates closely with the study management.

Contact your Academic Student Advisor

Receive a call: Write an email to receive a call. State your phone number in the email.
Book a meeting: Write an email to book a meeting with the Academic Student Advisor.
Since the Academic Student Advisor is also a student, you should expect a few days’ response time.