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6 pieces of great advice

  • 1Choose out of interest

    It sounds simple but can raise good questions. What do you like to do the most? Are there courses from high school that you enjoy? Examine the programmes you know, but also the programmes that are similar to them. Because there could be programmes that you do not know at all, but match your wishes much better. Be open, curious and ask yourself questions like:

    - What are my interests?
    - What am I good at?
    - What motivates me?
    - How would I like to study? (lectures, study groups, etc.)
    - Which study programmes have I previously looked into?
  • 2Nice meeting you

    Open Day, Study Training, Student for a Day. There are many ways you can meet your potential fellow students and future programme. So seize the opportunity and meet the programme in real life! It is an important part of your preparation and clarification. So ask questions like:

    - How is the structure of the study programme?
    - How is the study environment? Is it right for you?
    - How is the academic level?
    - How is the teaching?
  • 3You have several options during the course of your study

    There are several paths to take once you start your programme. There are plenty of opportunities for both minor subjects at other study programmes and electives in your programme. And you can often top-up your bachelor with a completely different master's study programme. So do not think that you are stuck in one particular direction when choosing a study programme. Spend time looking at the many combinations of the various study programmes at Consider and ask:

    - Which choices do I have during my study programme?
    - Which competencies should my study programme give me – is there a special direction I want to in?
  • 4Take on a long-term perspective

    Where do you want your study programme to lead you? What are your dreams in relation to work? Maybe there’s another path to your dream job than what you had imagined. Use your network and discuss it with your friends and family. They can give you good suggestions and ask questions such as:

    - What are your career dreams?
    - Which tasks would you prefer to perform in your future job?
    - Is there a company or an industry in which you would prefer to work?
    - Which type of working day do you prefer?
  • 5Is it realistic?

    Remember to read the programme's entry requirements thoroughly so you know if you need to supplement with any courses before starting your studies. Note, that SDU's educations from 2021 have grade requirements in quota 1. You can see the entry requirements for SDU's programme under each individual's webpage on If you are in doubt about whether you fulfil the entry requirements, please contact us.
  • 6What is your plan B?

    You can apply for up to eight programmes at Therefore, it is a good idea to have a plan B, C, and maybe D - as long as you apply for the programmes that you are motivated to start on. You can prioritize between the different programmes on the application portal. Spend time selecting your priorities. You can change the order of your priorities until July 5 at 12.

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