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Combine cultural understanding with knowledge of economics, management, and technology

Are you dreaming of an internationally oriented career, where you can become one of the company's key people? Then a degree in Global Management and Manufacturing might be something for you.

In this globalised world, where companies at large work across national borders, there is a need for people who can combine cultural understanding and a high level of English with in-depth knowledge of economics, technology, and management. As a graduate engineer in Global Management and Manufacturing, you will work globally with the management of business, production, and services in close collaboration with customers and suppliers around the world. You will become a key person in the company, where you will have an overview of all areas of the company.

What will I learn?

As a BEng in Global Management and Manufacturing, your main competence will be Supply Chain Management, which is, among other things, about the company's supply chain being adapted and optimised to the market the company supplies. The programme gives you the skills to design and optimise companies' global supply chains (Supply Chain), evaluate, plan, and implement the establishment of production and collaboration across national borders, work with strategic purchasing and planning, lead teams and corporate projects across cultures and organisations and much more. You will gain knowledge on how to design a product for a specific market.

How is the programme structured?

During the programme, you will work a lot in project groups, where you and your fellow students will solve problems for companies through case-based work. Each semester is based on a main theme, which becomes the basis for the semester's theory and project work.

It is a given that GMM students choose to study the 5th semester at a university abroad. If you choose to stay in Denmark, you will have a semester that focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation. In the 6th semester, you will have a mandatory internship in a company. The internship can be spent in Denmark or abroad. In the 7th semester, you will prepare a graduation project in collaboration with a company in Denmark or abroad.

What can I become?

With a degree in Global Management and Manufacturing, you can work as a project manager, technical manager, consultant, purchaser, or planner in an international company, where you can also build a global production network. You can work with technical management in areas such as distribution and logistics, production, and quality, planning and purchasing, Supply Chain Management, corporate culture and knowledge sharing and much more.

Can I continue my studies?

A BEng in engineering degree is an independent, completed programme. So, after the 3½ years, you are a graduate engineer and ready to start your career.

You also have the opportunity to continue your studies and take a master's degree in, for example, Product Development and Innovation or Operations Management. You also have the opportunity to study a MSc in Economics and Business Administration.

That is why you should study...

  • You will get a good foundation for an internationally oriented career
  • You will get an in-depth business understanding
  • You will learn to develop innovative solutions to specific problems