Programme structure

  • This Programme is offered in Odense
  • This Programme is taught in English

Each semester is based on a main theme which will be the focal point for the semester's theory and project work. From the very beginning of the study period you will be part of a project group working with projects which often use problems faced by companies as a starting point.

Programme structure

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First semester
In the first semester you will gain a general understanding of supply chain management (leadership of supply chain) and supply chain elements. You will learn about project management and gain an understanding of international business development, international environments and the markets for supply and demand. You will also work with basic engineering subjects such as materials, processes and statistics.

Second semester
In this semester you will gain a thorough understanding of the processes and systems which comprise supply chain. You will learn to design manufacturing processes and plan production. There is also focus on warehouse management, transport, sourcing, purchasing and external logistics.

Third semester
This semester focuses on manufacturing in a strategic perspective. You will work with different production systems and the outlining of a sustainable production strategy based on competitors, customers and the company's circumstances.
In relation to international strategic considerations you will learn about 'Managerial Accounting', 'Quality Management', 'Due Diligence', change management and the company's social responsibility.

Fourth semester
You will gain a greater understanding of global strategies and international production so that you can analyse and prepare production processes and supply chains. You will learn about Lean, SCOR, financial management and international business law. You and your project group will work with theory in practice by working with a company on improving existing production systems and supply chains. This will also prepare you for an internship and your final project.

Fifth semester
As a GMM student it is advantageous to spend the fifth semester at a university in another country, for example San Francisco, Singapore or Jakarta and following this many students choose to undertake an internship abroad.
Should you choose to stay in Denmark, the fifth semester will focus on enterprise and innovation. You will work with students from other study programmes on solving real problems for a company (Experts in Team Innovation).

Sixth semester
During the sixth semester you will have a 6-month internship with a company in Denmark or abroad. You will work side-by-side with qualified engineers and carry out assignments independently or in cooperation with them. You will have the opportunity to test out theories in practice and get a taste of a career in industry.

Seventh semester
In the final semester you will prepare a final project in partnership with a company in Denmark or abroad. The task to be solved will be a real one drawn from what you have learned on the study programme. Often you will get a position within the partner company so that it is easier to get access to the people who are familiar with your project.

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Opportunity for further education
The BEng in GMM offers good job opportunities after graduation while also offering the opportunity to study further, for example MSc in Eng in Operations Management.

Curriculum and course descriptions

Curriculum and course descriptions