Career opportunities

  • This Programme is offered in Odense
  • This Programme is taught in English

With a Bachelor of Engineering diploma in Global Management and Manufacturing, you have opportunities within:

  • Production planning and management
  • International logistics
  • Management across borders
  • Establishment and management of global production networks

As a GMM engineer, you can work with:

  • Planning and control of production in a global production network
  • Transfer of Danish product principles to subsidiaries abroad
  • International logistics
  • Building a global corporate culture
  • Planning and implementation of strategy for global business development
  • Optimising the company’s supply chain
  • Contact with large customers
  • Planning of outsourcing and purchase
  • Management of production, distribution and transport
  • Product development
  • Development of business strategies

You might also be expatriated for Danish or international companies. 

See an example of a career

Meet Mikael Keldsøe Andreasen, who as a project manager creates value and makes decisions

With this programme you can continue your studies at master level e.g. MSc (Eng) in Operations Management or MSc (Eng) in Product Development and Innovation.  

Learning outcomes

Get an overview of the competencies you will aquire.

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Salery and employment opportunities for Engineers.

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