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Entry requirements

You need a relevant bachelor’s degree

To be admitted to a Master's programme (erhvervskandidat), you must have a relevant bachelor’s degree, professional bachelor’s degree or another degree on the same level. You can read about the specific requirements on the pages of each programme.

When you apply for admission to a Master's programme (erhvervskandidat), only your bachelor’s degree will be taken into account. If you have passed other degrees or courses after you completed your bachelor’s, these will not be included in the assessment of whether you fulfil the entry requirements.

If you do not fulfil the entry requirements, you may be able to take supplementary courses.

Occupational requirements

It is a requirement that you have a relevant occupation. You can meet the occupational requirements in two different ways.

You can either be:

  • an employee of a public or private enterprise, employed based on a relevant bachelor's degree or an equivalent Danish or foreign education, and in employment for a minimum working week of 25 hours on average. or:
  • a self-employed entrepreneur of your own company with a revenue and relevant activities that generate earnings, or affiliated to a public or private entrepreneurial milieu.

More details concerning the occupational requirements can be found here.

You can read more about the employment demands here.

Language requirements

When applying, you may have to prove your proficiency in either English or Danish, depending on the language of instruction used in the applied programme. You can read about the requirements here.

Meeting the requirements is no guarantee for admission

There are a limited number of study spots on SDU´s Career Master´s programmes, which means you aren’t guaranteed a study spot even though you meet the entry requirements. If there are more qualified applicants than there are available study spots, only the most highly qualified applicants, based on their qualifying bachelor's degree, will be selected. More details of the selection criteria can be found on the pages of each programme.


Already have a Master’s?

If you already have a master’s degree from Denmark then it isn´t guaranteed that you can be enrolled in a Careers Master´s programme. The general rule is that you cannot be admitted on a Careers Master´s programme if your former degree is less than six years old and entirely funded by the state.



There are a number of cases that qualify for an exemption. Du can apply for an exemption if you:

  1. can prove that a health condition makes it impossible for you to use your degree in the job market
  2. have an obsoleted degree. A degree is understood to be obsoleted if the degree has not been in use in the labour market during at least 5 years, or if the degree has been significantly changed or discontinued.

Furthermore you are automatically exempted if the applied degree is identified as fulfilling a particularly high demand in the labour market. At University of Southern Denmark this applies to the following programmes in 2019:

  • MSc in Business Economics and Auditing (cand.mer.aud.)
  • Master programme in Computer science (cand.scient. in Computer science)

Last Updated 22.03.2019