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Have you already completed a Master's degree?

If you've already obtained a Master's degree, you can only be admitted to a new programme if there are vacant study places in the programme. The rule applies even if your Master's degree is from another country - as long as your degree is equivalent to a Danish Master's level.

All programmes at SDU have a limited number of study places. Therefore, we cannot tell you in advance whether you can be admitted to a given programme. To be considered for admission, you simply have to apply for the ordinary application deadline.

Application for exemption

If, due to extraordinary circumstances - e.g. a health condition - you are prevented from using your Master's degree in the current labour market, you can apply for an exemption. If you wish to apply for an exemption, you must apply for admission by March 1, 12.00 (for Master's programmes) and by March 15, 12.00 (for bachelor's programmes).
Remember to enclose a written application for exemption.

If you are granted an exemption, your application for admission will be processed on the same terms as other applications regarding the same programmes.

Admissions University of Southern Denmark

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Last Updated 09.06.2020