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Combines mechanics, electronics and programming

  • This Programme is offered in Sønderborg
  • This Programme is taught in English

The first time Mikkel became interested in Mechatronics was on his final year on htx (higher technical college):

‘Before I decided to study Mechatronics I was very much in doubt as to whether I wanted to study mechanics, electronics or computer science – therefore it was really great to be able to study something which contained it all’, he says.

Friends across study programmes
Mikkel thrives in his new study environment at Alsion in Sønderborg:

‘It is a very close environment and both teachers and students mix socially. Because the number of students is rather small we get to know each other really well across the different study programmes, e.g. at parties or other social events here at Alsion’, says Mikkel.

‘If you need to ask a teacher something, his/her door is always open. And you can be completely relaxed around them’.

Testing theory and practice
Mikkel likes the idea of making mechanics, electronics and programming interact.

‘I like to focus on the best way to solve a problem: How do I build the mechanical product? And how do I connect it with electronics and programming?’.

‘In general, I am very interested in mathematical modelling, how to analyse my solutions and products by looking at formulas and equations – before I make a prototype’, says Mikkel, who wants to specialise in Dynamic mechatronic systems.

‘The practical projects are also important. The interaction between the theoretical calculations and the concrete making of the products is what makes sense’.

Meeting industry demands
‘In my opinion the programme is very relevant – at least in the media, Mechatronics engineers are frequently demanded by industry’, says Mikkel who has many dreams for a future career:

‘It would be interesting to combine mechanics, electronics and programming in the development of new products. I would like to build robots for tough environments such as space research and deep-water exploration’.

Faculty of Engineering University of Southern Denmark

  • Alsion 2
  • Sønderborg - DK-6400

Last Updated 10.02.2021