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Exemption / Special permission

Download the application form for an exemption / special permission  (available from 1 February on) and apply until 15 March, noon  - the deadline for all exemptions / special permissions.


Your application for exemption has to enclose the following:

  • An explanation: There is no standard form for applying for exemption, you explain of what you are applying for exemption from and the reasons for this in your application.
  • Relevant enclosures: You must enclose documentation for the special circumstances that you believe are important in connection with what you are applying for exemption from, including a doctor's certificate, a letter from a psychologist or a letter from your upper secondary school, etc. Check the section below to see examples of exemptions and the enclosures needed.
  • Decisions regarding applications for exemptions are made based on an individual, concrete evaluation of each application
  • If you are granted an exemption, your enrolment application will be treated on an equal footing with the other applications. However, an exemption is not tantamount to an acceptance for admission
  • As a rule, a granted exemption is only valid for the year you have been applying for. If you want to apply again for admission at a later time, please upload the granted exemption to your application
  • An exemption will not be granted on the grounds of an oversight, misunderstandings, lack of knowledge or the like.

NOTE: When applying with exemption/special permission, you must apply before 15 March, noon

Before 1 December:
We recommend forwarding the application for exemption before 1 December to get a pre-assessment.

If you do not have a qualifying examination, you must apply for special permission to apply for admission. In this case, we recommend you forwarding the application for special permission before 1 November to make sure that you have plenty of time to get registered for supplementary courses for the specific entry requirements. Check out the information about special permission further below this page.

The application for exemption and the relevant enclosures have to be sent to

Have you already received a pre-approval, you must upload the document to your application via before the deadline for quota 2 on 15 March, noon. 

After 1 February:
If you decide to enclose your application for exemption to your application for admission remember the deadline is 15 March, noon.


Special permission

Send your application for special permission along with the following:

  • An explanation: There is no standard form for applying for special permission, you must state your reasons and your motivation for your choice of programme. You are allowed to apply for admission at the university without a qualifying examination if you can document competencies in study preparation, comparable to an upper secondary education
  • CV
  • Documentation stating the qualifications you have that are comparable to a qualifying examination
  • Documentation stating that you fulfil the specific entry requirements

Documentation comparable to a qualifying examination can be a professional bachelor degree, a business education or the like. Though, you must document written assignments comparable to e.g. a Bachelor's Thesis.

You must document general competencies in study preparation that can be compared to an upper secondary education. This is regarded as a prerequisite at the university for the ability to acquire structure and communicate academic knowledge. Emphasis will also be placed on the possession of relevant education and occupational experience. In addition, as a minimum, you must fulfil the specific admission requirements of the programme you are applying for admission to. 

In brief, the following will be used as a basis for deciding whether you will be entitled to apply for admission without a qualifying examination: 

  • Previous education
  • Occupational experience
  • General subjects, including Danish, English and social studies/history at higher preparatory (HF) level
  • The specific admission requirements

Exemption from the requirement for specific admission requirements cannot be granted based on of occupational experience alone.

NOTE: Special permission exclusively entitles you to APPLY for admission to the relevant programme, it is not a guarantee for a programme spot in the programme you are applying for.

Applicants with a Rudolph Steiner education can apply for admission with special permission via The application is handled in quota 2 only.

You must apply for special permission alongside your application for admission, via, before 22 March, noon

Alternatively, you can apply for vacant programme spots after 26 July. Remember to add the application for special permission to your application, too.

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