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SDU's admission system

Two quotas of study places

The study places of SDU's Bachelor's programmes are divided into two quotas, simply referred to as quota 1 and quota 2.

Each quota has different admission criteria, i.e. different criteria for selection of applicants and minimum performance requirements that you must fulfill in addition to our general entry requirements for students with a foreign examination

By default, your application is considered for both quotas, though not all examinations can be assessed for quota 1.

  • You must hold an EU/EEA examination with a GPA that is convertible to the Danish system. Please refer to our list of international school leaving examinations (pdf) to check your examination. 
  • To qualify, you must meet a minimum GPA requirement specific for each programme - see admission requirements here.
  • Meeting the GPA requirement does not guarantee admission
  • In cases of limited intake capacity, we use GPA to rank applicants
  • You must pass SDU's admission test
  • Simply passing the test does not guarantee admission
  • In case of limited intake capacity, we rank applicants based on test score

We encourage all applicants to take the Admission Test

If you know in advance that you qualify for admission to quota 1, you may choose to skip the admission test. 

However, this will put you in consideration for only one of the two quotas. In order to maximize your possibility for admission we thus encourage you to take the Admission Test in any case.

Applying with a Danish examination?

If you hold a Danish examination, please note that there are different application deadlines related to each quota, as applicants for quota 1 with a qualifying Danish examination may choose to apply as late as July 5, at 12.00 CET.

Please refer to the Danish version of the website for more information and exemptions. 

Last Updated 04.04.2024