Department of Law

The Department of Law offers a traditional degree in law alongside a combined HA (jur)/MSc (Econ) course. The traditional law degree is offered both as a fulltime and as a part-time course. In addition, the department is responsible for teaching in other legal subjects offered at SDU.

To satisfy its aim of offering research-based courses, the department has a broad research profile and covers all areas of the law. In addition to the broad based research in the principal fields of the law, the department is working on a number of focus areas with a strong research profile. Current focus areas are: Cross-national exercise of legal majority, market activity in the public sphere and regulation of financial business and activity.

Dialogue and cooperation with its social environment are important for the department, and it is open to any form of knowledge exchange and collaboration.


You will find an extract from our strategy for 2015-2020 here.


The Department of Law delivers research of high international quality within its education portfolio, which consists of fundamental legal disciplines. Additionally, the department focuses on continuous development as well as profiling of selected legal disciplines in order to market the institute towards stakeholders and students. 

The Department offers a research-based education programme tailored to the interests and needs of stakeholders and students, which is of relevance both to society and the labour market. The education programme is future-proof, as it employs well-organised lesson plans of high international standard, all in an inspiring and innovative environment, which supports and develops the individual potential of the department's students.

The Department of Law puts its research and expertise at the disposal of stakeholders and society in general, while research and expertise is also presented in relevant forums, published in relevant media and communicated in dialogue and cooperation to ensure, as far as possible, that knowledge created at the department leads to discussions and quality assurance and control of legislation, legal decision-making processes and debates regarding society.