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Dept. of Technology and Innovation

Dept. of Technology and Innovation

Educating engineers for the future in both Odense and Sønderborg providing research & innovation with global impact in collaboration with industry and other external partners

Welcome to the Department of Technology and Innovation

Innovation and technological developments are the core of the many activities within education, research and industrial collaboration which stems from Institute of Technology and Innovation (ITI). At ITI, we are involved in research, teaching, administration and development projects. 

Our research cover the fields of:

  • Civil and Architectural Engineering
  • Engineering Operations Management
  • Innovation and Design Engineering
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Engineering 
  • Global Sustainable Production
  • Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Our educations range from:

  • Admission Courses
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering programmes
  • Master of Science in Engineering programmes 
  • Summer Schools
  • PhD programmes
  • Cross-disciplinary and international degree programs 

If you wish to learn more about ITI, please use the right hand menu in the upper right corner.