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SEASONED project - Advances in food sensory analysis of novel foods

The aim is to establish an international network of leading universities and centres in the field of food sensory analysis, with focus on design of future foods with healthy and sustainable properties to address global challenges related to the food sector (Green Deal, UN SDGs).

The SEASONED project includes a wide array of capacity building and networking activities designed to improve competences among the partners with respect to science and research, managerial and administrative capacities, strategies to engage society and citizens, and access to regional and European institutions. 

SDU’s main role within the project is to develop a training program in advanced methods for sensory analyses of foods. Special topics will include dietary shift (e.g., meat reduction and novel plant-based foods), food diversity (e.g., novel, underutilized food sources), waste reduction and circularity (e.g., recovering nutrients from food side streams), public health (e.g., sensory-based product reformulations for salt/ sugar reduction). 

The program will be primarily targeted to early career researchers within the consortium partners - but will also include open activities such as a summer school and a science hackathon. 

We, at SDU, are furthermore responsible for clustering with other relevant projects and initiatives at the EU level to maximize the visibility and long-term impact of the project. The project is running from September 2022 to July 2025.

Contact at SDU:  Davide Giacalone 

Link to organisation partners in the project

Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Miguel Hernandez University of Elche

Basque Culinary Center

Europe for Business

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