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Doctoral thesis shows the way to more valid medical research

Professor and chief physician Janus Christian Jakobsen has defended his doctoral dissertation, which contains practical guidance on how to increase the quality of clinical research through the systematic use of certain methods.

His dissertation is based on the premise that randomised clinical trials are essential for evidence-based medicine and that systematic literature reviews should be considered the most reliable source in the hierarchy of evidence. 

When analyzing results from such experiments and overviews, there are countless methods available, according to Janus Christian Jakobsen. New methods are constantly being developed and existing methods are used in new ways. Some methods seem more important than others, and it can often be unclear to researchers which methods to choose, how to apply them, and how to combine them.
Meet the researcher

Janus Christian Jakobsen is employed at the Copenhagen Trial Unit, Centre for Clinical Intervention Research and professor at the Department of Regional Health Research at the University of Southern Denmark.


About the dissertation

The dissertation presents a specific combination of methods and includes practical guidance on how this approach can be applied systematically. If the systematic approach described in the dissertation is used, it will increase the validity of the results from randomized clinical trials and systematic literature reviews.

The first part of Janus Christian Jakobsen's dissertation describes a systematic approach to the analysis of randomised clinical trials and systematic literature reviews in eight theoretical articles. These topics have been selected based on Copenhagen Trial Unit's experience with clinical research over decades.

The second part of the dissertation comprises three systematic literature reviews in which the proposed systematic method is applied in practice. In addition, it contains two articles that attempt to communicate and interpret the research results for clinicians and patients.


Editing was completed: 07.11.2023