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SDU’s new institution accreditation (NIA20) on the Faculty of Engineering

In 2014, SDU was institution accredited for the first time. This has provided the university with several benefits and liberties regarding development of the education portfolio – e.g. the university has not accredited programmes individually since 2014.

The new institution accreditation in 2020 is therefore the main goal for SDU – and meanwhile, the university wants to show a quality system that is anchored in the organization.

If you want to know more about institutional education accreditation you can watch a short video here (in Danish).

All employees at the Faculty of Engineering can be involved in the new institution accreditation, abbreviated NIA20. The new institution accreditation is focusing on the daily practice for how the Faculty of Engineering works with curriculum development and quality – e.g. how the Faculty of Engineering evaluates teaching, how SDU works to minimize dropouts and how they systematically work with curriculum development in the Study Board, Education Committees and at annual status meetings with the educational management and the faculty management.

Key people will be introduced separately – all the remaining employees must watch the videos below that, in part, introduce SDU’s quality system (what we are being institutionally accredited for) and in part introduce how SDU works with evaluations of the educational programmes.

The advisory visits the first time on March 19 and 20 2020 where the Faculty of Engineering participates with the Dean, Director of Studies, a Head of Programme and some students. From April to June 2020, the employees can participate in audits committees of the accreditation institution. These audits can be subject based (e.g. how we work with educational portfolios etc.) or programme based (where they focus on one or two programmes). Employees that are chosen for an audit will receive a separate introduction before this audit. Key people will have dates reserved for audits in this period.

Enjoy the two videos below. You can watch much more on the Faculty of Engineering’s webpage

Last Updated 14.08.2023