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Research within robotics

The Faculty of Engineering researches in areas of robot technology, which all contribute to smarter and visionary solutions for some of the future's problems.

Robotics is an interdisciplinary research area encompassing design, development, and application of robots. It combines mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and artificial intelligence to create intelligent machines capable of performing tasks autonomously or in collaboration with humans. Robotics finds applications in industries, healthcare, exploration, and more, revolutionizing efficiency, safety, and human productivity. Ongoing research focuses on enhancing robot capabilities in perception, manipulation, navigation, and human-robot interaction to unlock the full potential of robotics in various domains.  

Research areas

Among others, robotics research areas encompass AI-based control, human-robot interaction, swarm robotics, medical robotics, and autonomous navigation.

Industry and production

Industry and production research focuses on improving efficiency, automation, and sustainability in manufacturing processes, driving innovation and economic growth.

Health and welfare robotics

Health and welfare robotics research aims to develop robotic systems that assist in healthcare, rehabilitation, and elderly care, improving quality of life and promoting independent living.

Interaction between robots and humans

Research on the interaction between robots and humans explores ways to create seamless collaborations, enabling robots to understand and respond to human cues for effective communication and cooperation.

Computer vision

Computer vision empowers machines to interpret visual data, revolutionizing industries and advancing applications like autonomous vehicles and facial recognition.

Modeling and control

The aim of this research topic is to facilitate safe and efficient control of dynamical systems based on a combination of model-based and data-driven methods. 

Bio-inspired robotics

Bio-inspired robotics seeks to emulate nature's design and behavior to develop robots with enhanced performance. It combines biology, engineering, and AI to create versatile robots for complex tasks and interactions with the environment.


Drones research focuses on advancing unmanned aerial vehicles, enabling various applications such as aerial photography, surveillance, and delivery services.

Embedded systems

Embedded systems research involves designing and developing computer systems with specialized functions for applications like IoT, robotics, and automation.

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