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Henrik Bahne

Senior Analyst
SDU Analytics

Phone: +45 6550 2969

What Henrik brings to the table

Henrik has been working with data modelling and analysis at SDU since 2000.

All through the years the analysis has been focusing on the student area. He has primarily been working with educational quality KPI’s and reporting to the Ministry og Higher Education and Science (UFM).

Henrik has a great deal of experience in bringing data from the core system to the presentation, like exploring data, data cleaning including detection of errors or missing data and finally analyzing and describing the outcome.

In 2021 Henrik joined SDU Analytics.

Primary work areas
  • SDU's quality system for education
  • International Ranking
Lifelong learning
  • R courses
  • Power BI course
  • SAS and SQL courses
  • Msc in Economics (2000)
Outreach and presentations
  • Participant at "Universities Denmarks" network "Student stratistics ratios"
  • Member of the planning group for "Student statistics seminar"

Portrait photo of senior analyst Henrik Bahne