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Workshop for Site Specific Weed Management

The latest progress within automation of weed identification, weed mapping and site specific control of weeds with advanced sprayers and robots, were discussed by a group of 35 international researchers at TEK. The workshop took place from 31. October to 1. November 2019 and was hosted by Henrik Skov Midtiby from the UAS Center, Svend Christensen from University of Copenhagen and Ran Lati from Newe Ya'ar Research Center Israel. The workshop is arranged as an activity in the European Weed Research Society.

Henrik Skov Midtiby is working with mapping and computer vision and the workshop was related to the research project Square Meter Farming, where drones are used to monitor the fields of Gyldensteen Gods and provide information on soil status, crop growth and biological threats.

During the workshop the participants took a field trip to Gyldensteen Gods to see with their own eyes how drones can help the farmer optimize the yield of the fields.

More about the project Square meter Farming

Editing was completed: 30.10.2019