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Drone Summer School

SDU UAS Center offers an annual Drone Summer School with lots of hands-on building and flying drones in our labs at HCA Airport.

Summer School 5-16th of August, 2024:

Drones for Computer Vision Applications

This course will teach you how to construct and fly drones for real-world applications based on computer vision. You will work in teams of 3 students on lab exercises in drone hardware and software, computer vision algorithms, drone operations, and ethics. This leads to a mini project where you construct a multirotor drone and a camera payload, fly the drone outdoors at the nearby national UAS Denmark Test Center, and then use your computer vision algorithms to post-process the recorded video footage. You will also get presentations of state-of-the-art drone research and innovation.

The 2024 Drone Summer School is linked to the EU project WildDrone.

The new course description will be available as soon as possible

SDU International Summer Schools

The Drone Summer School is part of the SDU International Summer School program, which means that you can join the many social events and get help with your housing. 

The SDU international Summer Schools  runs for 2 weeks every August. 

We look forward to seeing you!

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