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Student users

Classes and project work in the UAS Test Center

Engineering students from SDU come to the UAS Test Center to have classes, do project work, develop and test their drone system platforms and composite structures in the laboratories.  Primary users are students from the MSc in Engineering in Robot Systems with specialization in Drone Technology and BEng in Mechanical Engineering.

Collaboration with students

Engineering students at SDU have the opportunity to collaborate with companies several times during their studies for example on R&D projects and internships.

 Student Nicolai Iversen from Mechanical Engineering did his internship with Space Composite Structures in the UAS Test Center:


Contact - collaboration with students

If your company is interested in collaborating with students, please contact

Lone Søvad Madsen,, +45 2137 9061

More information on collaborating with students

Summer school in the UAS Test Center

The Composite Lab offers a 2-week international summer school for engineering students during the month of August in the Test Center. In 2019 the topic was “Applied composite drone manufacturing”.

More information on the summer school

Contact - Composite lab summer school

Raphael Geiger,, +45 6550 7464

SDU Eagles student team

The SDU Eagles is a self-organized international and multi-disciplinary student team with the goal of developing efficient, high-tech drones for the Imeche UAS Challenge. The team is developing and testing their drones in the laboratories and airspace of SDU UAS Test Center.


SDU Eagles was founded in September 2018 and is supported by the SDU UAS Center and a series of private companies.

More information on the SDU Eagles

Contact - SDU Eagles

Andre Rangel de Sousa,

Last Updated 13.08.2021