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PhD Projects at SDU Robotics

Find concluded PhD projects here.


Ongoing PhD projects at SDU Robotics listed alphabetically: 

Agile interaction with industrial robots 

PhD studentJinha Park
SupervisorChristian Schlette


Agile service-based programming of multi-robot systems

PhD studentAlberto Sartori
SupervisorChristian Schlette


Autonomous Earthmover – Optimise Tasks

Industrial PhD student: Chengyandan Shen 
Supervisor: Christoffer Sloth
The PhD project is carried out in collaboration with Unicontrol ApS .

Computer Vision for Robotic Grasping

PhD student: Rasmus Laurvig Haugaard
Supervisor: Anders Glent Buch


Explainable detection and visualization of medical events in unstructured Danish electronic health record text using natural language processing

PhD student: Martin Sundahl Laursen
SupervisorsThiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu  and Pernille Just Vinholt, Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology, OUH


Kinesthetic Teaching for Robotic Assembly

PhD studentEmil Lykke Diget
Supervisor: Christoffer Sloth


Machine Learning for Automatized Oral Health Assessment

Industrial PhD student: Mathias Shärfe Lambach
Supervisor: Anders Glent Buch
Co-supervisors: Christoph Vannahme, Thomas Sangild Sørensen, Henrik Aanaes, Roger Ellwood and Richard Hogan, all from 3Shape

Mobile 3D shotcreting in harsh and space-restricted restricted environments

PhD student: Mohammad Reza Yazdi Samadi
Supervisor: Christian Schlette

Project Poster

Model-Based Robot Control

PhD studentYitaek Kim
SupervisorChristoffer Sloth

Model-, Simulation-, and Data-Based Control of Gantry-Based Robotic Operations

PhD student: Jens Kristian Mikkelsen
Supervisor: Christian Schlette
Co-supervisor: Luis David Avendaño, SDU Mechanical

Project Poster

Modelling and control of flexible robots subject to large loads

PhD student: Younghwa Park 
Supervisor: Christoffer Sloth

Project Poster

Natural language processing for information extraction in electronic health records

PhD student:  Jannik Skyttegaard Pedersen
SupervisorsThiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu  and Pernille Just Vinholt, Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology, OUH


New Methods for Automated Generation of Robot Programs for Assembly of Injection Devices

Industrial PhD studentSteffen Madsen
SupervisorHenrik Gordon Petersen
Co-supervisor: Milad Jami, Novo Nordisk. The PhD project is carried out in collaboration with Novo Nordisk.

Read the PhD thesis (May 2023)

Programming by Demonstration for Assembly

PhD student: Jeppe Langaa
Christoffer Sloth

Robustness of Artificial Intelligence

PhD student:  Simon Lyck Bjært Sørensen
Supervisor:  Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu
Co-supervisor: Jakob Grauslund, Steno Diabetes Center Odense, OUH


Sensor Fusion Joint Torque Estimation on Strain Wave Gear

Industrial PhD studentSøren Goddiksen Graabæk
SupervisorsChristoffer Sloth and Henrik Gordon Petersen
Co-supervisors: Rune Søe-Knudsen and Anders Lange from Universal Robots

Smooth and efficient manipulation on mobile robots using temporal integration

PhD studentLakshadeep Naik
SupervisorNorbert Krüger


Utilizing of Spatio-Temporal Data and Social Norms for Optimizing Robot Navigation

PhD studentAvgi Kollakidou
SupervisorLeon Bodenhagen




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