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PhD Projects



Previous PhD projects

Infrastruktur til Action Library

PhD student: Johan Sund Laursen

AdvisorLars-Peter Ellekilde

The semantic interpretation of visual scenes in the context of learning by demonstration

PhD student: Wail Mustafa

AdvisorNorbert Krüger

Automated Configuration of Vision Sensor Systems for Industrial Robots

PhD student: Thorbjørn Mosekjær Iversen

AdvisorDirk Kraft

Automatic Design and Configuration of Robot Platform for Assembly

PhD student: Simon Mathiesen

AdvisorLars-Peter Ellekilde

Dynamic Simulation of Manipulation and Assembly Actions
Exploiting Higher Order and Multi-modal Features for 3D Object Detection

PhD student: Lilita Kiforenko

Advisor: Norbert Krüger

In Search of 3D Poses

PhD student: Anders Glent Buch

AdvisorHenrik Gordon Petersen

Online Planning and Trajectory Generation for Industrial Binpicking Applications

PhD student: Thomas Fridolin Iversen

AdvisorLars-Peter Ellekilde

Robotic Handling and Packeging of Flexible Objects

PhD student: Troels Bo Jørgensen

AdvisorNorbert Krüger

Simplified Robot Programming by Kinesthetic Teaching

PhD student: Iñigo Iturrate San Juan

AdvisorsThiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu, Esben Hallundbæk Østergaard, Universal Robots og Martin Rytter, Universal Robots

Structured Action Representations and Action Learning in an Industial Context

PhD student: Lars Carøe Sørensen

AdvisorDirk Kraft

Vision Based Behaviour in Welfare- and Agricultural Robotics

PhD student: Stefan-Daniel Suvei

AdvisorNorbert Krüger

Visual Descriptor Learning for Predicting Grasping Affordances

PhD student: Mikkel Tang Thomsen

AdvisorNorbert Krüger