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PhD Projects at SDU Robotics

Find concluded PhD projects here.

Ongoing PhD projects at SDU Robotics listed alphabetically: 

Agile interaction with industrial robots 

PhD studentJinha Park
SupervisorChristian Schlette


Autonomous Earthmover – Optimise Tasks

Industrial PhD student: Chengyandan Shen 
Supervisor: Christoffer Sloth
The PhD project is carried out in collaboration with Unicontrol ApS .

Behavior Adaptation for Human-Robot Collaboration

PhD student: Emilia T. J. S. Pietras
Supervisor: Leon Bodenhagen

Project poster

Kinesthetic Teaching for Robotic Assembly

PhD studentEmil Lykke Diget
Supervisor: Christoffer Sloth


Machine Learning for Automatized Oral Health Assessment

Industrial PhD student: Mathias Shärfe Lambach
Supervisor: Anders Glent Buch
Co-supervisors: Christoph Vannahme, Thomas Sangild Sørensen, Henrik Aanaes, Roger Ellwood and Richard Hogan, all from 3Shape

Mobile 3D shotcreting in harsh and space-restricted restricted environments

PhD student: Mohammad Reza Yazdi Samadi
Supervisor: Christian Schlette

Project Poster

Model-Based Robot Control

PhD studentYitaek Kim
SupervisorChristoffer Sloth

Model-, simulation-, and data-based control of a mobile robot crane platform 

PhD student: Klara Franziska  Schütze
Supervisor: Christian Schlette

Project Poster

Model-, Simulation-, and Data-Based Control of Gantry-Based Robotic Operations

PhD student: Jens Kristian Mikkelsen
Supervisor: Christian Schlette
Co-supervisor: Luis David Avendaño-Valencia, SDU Mechanical Engineering

Project Poster

Modelling and control of flexible robots subject to large loads

PhD student: Younghwa Park 
Supervisor: Christoffer Sloth

Project Poster

Planning of accurate and robust trajectories for in-hand manipulation 

PhD student: Kristine Vitting Klinkby Knudsen
Supervisor: Henrik Gordon Petersen
Christoffer Sloth

Project Poster

Programming by Demonstration for Assembly

PhD student: Jeppe Langaa
Christoffer Sloth

Robot control and assembly policy learning for deformable industrial parts based on dynamic simulation 

PhD student: Erik Diniz Costa Lopes Lindby 
Supervisor: Aljaz Kramberger
Co-supervisors: Henrik Gordon Petersen and Christoffer Sloth 

Project Poster

Robustness of Artificial Intelligence

PhD student:  Simon Lyck Bjært Sørensen
Supervisor:  Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu
Co-supervisor: Jakob Grauslund, Steno Diabetes Center Odense, OUH


Sensor based process and quality control for dry fiber layups on blades for wind turbines

PhD student: Jonathan Bøss
Supervisor: Jakob Wilm
Co-supervisor: Henrik Gordon Petersen

Project Poster

Sensor Fusion Joint Torque Estimation on Strain Wave Gear

Industrial PhD studentSøren Goddiksen Graabæk
SupervisorsChristoffer Sloth and Henrik Gordon Petersen
Co-supervisors: Rune Søe-Knudsen and Anders Lange from Universal Robots

Smooth and efficient manipulation on mobile robots using temporal integration

PhD studentLakshadeep Naik
SupervisorNorbert Krüger


Utilizing of Spatio-Temporal Data and Social Norms for Optimizing Robot Navigation

PhD studentAvgi Kollakidou
SupervisorLeon Bodenhagen




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