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Extra travel funding

The doctoral school offers extra travel funding to PhD students whose basic travel account of DKK 30,000 has been exhausted and who seek funding for additional conference participation, change of study environment, summer schools, etc. abroad.

Please observe the following guidelines:

  • Do not use any standard application form
  • Applications must be sent electronically to the head of the doctoral school
  • The travel must be approved by the supervisor and the head of the department
  • The applicant must provide documentation that his or her own travel account has been exhausted (or is awaiting outstanding invoices, e.g. from travels already booked but not yet undertaken, which will drain any remaining funds in the account)
  • The purpose and project relevance of the travel must be described briefly but precisely
  • The application must include a budget covering all relevant items (and any other sources of funding, if relevant)
  • After the travel please submit a short report to the head of the doctoral school
  • If your application is successful, the grant will be transferred to your department for disbursement according to the usual rules

Applications are invited from all PhD students and will be dealt with promptly by the head of the doctoral school. There are no fixed deadlines.

Last Updated 18.02.2021