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Significant Achievements

Collage of images from research conducted at SDU Nano Optics

Plasmon-based nanophotonics
The field of plasmon-based nanophotonics deals with the many aspects of interaction of light with metallic nanostructures.

Flat optics using plasmonic metasurfaces
Based on plasmonic metasurfaces, we design and realize nanometer-thin optical components with novel functionalites.

Quantum plasmonics
Within the field of quantum plasmonics, we explore the interaction of quantum emitters with metallic nanostructures and waveguides.

Plasmon-empowered thermophotovoltaics
We engineer the absorption and emission of light in metallic nanostructures for the benefit of thermophotovoltaics.

Surface-enhanced optical spectroscopies
We characterize strong local field enhancements in metal nanostructures and apply to highly sensitive spectroscopy and molecular detection.

Research Publications

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