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SDU Nano Optics - a research centre based on the Mads Clausen Institute/the Faculty of Engineering at University of Southern Denmark

We focus on research, education, innovation, and collaboration in Nano Optics

Our principal research topics are concerned with theoretical studies and experimental investigations of light-matter interactions at nanoscale, including strongly enhanced and extremely confined electromagnetic modes supported by plasmonic nanostructures, linear and nonlinear electromagnetic phenomena for light modulation and detection with ultracompact nanophotonic components, dynamic and multifunctional optical metasurfaces  for molding radiation flow and exercising complete control over wavefronts and polarizations, efficient coupling of quantum emitters to nanostructures for enhancing and funneling spontaneous emission and to metasurfaces for molding single-photon emission.


Latest news from SDU Nano Optics

META-HiLight recognized at SPIE Photonics Europe

The META-HiLight project, a pioneering collaboration between the University of Southern Denmark, SINTEF, and the University of Oulu, has been awarded 2nd place for "Best Innovation by a Multilateral Project, Organisation, or Company" at the 20th anniversary of SPIE Photonics Europe held in Strasbourg. The project aims to develop a faster, more detailed analysis of tissue samples, which is crucial for the early detection and treatment of diseases such as cancer.

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Nature Communications

Paper in Nature Communications: Multiple channelling single-photon emission with scattering holography designed metasurfaces

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Recent publications

Below you see the most recent publications from SDU Nano Optics

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