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At SDU Nano Optics, we conduct research primarily in the field of plasmonics, with nano-optical fields being coupled to electron oscillations in metal nanostructures, a unique feature that allows one, for example, to combine optics and electronics.
Nano Optics opens up exciting prospects for future scientific and technological developments, with potential applications ranging from information communication technologies, such as mobile phones, computers and internet, to bio-chemical and molecular sensing.

Research Topics and Projects

Our principal research topics are concerned with theoretical studies and experimental investigations of light-matter interactions at nanoscale, including strongly enhanced and extremely confined electromagnetic modes supported by plasmonic nanostructures, dynamic and multifunctional optical metasurfaces  for molding radiation flow and exercising complete control over wavefronts and polarizations, efficient coupling of quantum emitters to nano-resonators, antennas and waveguides, linear and nonlinear optical interactions in two-dimensional materials.

From 2017, our centre hosts a prestigious large-scale VILLUM Investigator program on Quantum Plasmonics led by Prof. N. Asger Mortensen.

Current portfolio of projects also includes DFF Sapere Aude project by Joel Cox “Towards single-photon nonlinear optics in atomically-thin materials”, Villum Young Investigator project by Fei Ding “Quantum Metasurface: A Novel Platform for Generating and Manipulating Single Photons”, Villum Experiment project by Shailesh Kumar “Room-Temperature Generation of Indistinguishable Single Photons”, Marie S.-Curie Individual Fellowship by Sergii Morozov “Tuning emission of charged excitons in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers”, and Ministry of Education and Research (UFM) networking project “Metasurface-Decorated Silicon Photonics for Quantum Applications”.

Head of SDU Nano Optics

 Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi 
Professor, Dr. Scient. 
Phone: 6550 7341 / Mob: 2058 5128 


N. Asger Mortensen has been awarded the Dr. Scient. degree

N. Asger Mortensen has been awarded the Dr. Scient. degree by the University of Copenhagen, for a dissertation on mesoscopic electrodynamic. N. Asger Mortensen has previously been awarded the Dr. Techn. degree by the Technical University of Denmark for a dissertation on photonic crystal concepts in fiber optics.

The dissertation is available for download via this link

Doctorates - When one is good but two are better. Articles in INGENIØREN · 1. SEKTION · 19. MARTS 2021

In the borderland between Technology and Physics, Professor N. Asger Mortensen has become part of an elected group of researchers with two doctorates in Sciences and Technical Sciences.

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Sergii Morozov recieve 2 million Euro from EU

Sergii Morozov, has being awarded the prestigious Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) 2 years Individual Fellowships

Read more here

Villum Young Investigator to Fei Ding

Fei Ding, has been granted DKK 5.996.100 from VILLUM FONDEN - Villum Young Investigator to his project -Quantum Metasurface: A Novel Platform for Generating and Manipulating Single Photons

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